Music and the Arts

Music and the Arts are passions which run throughout the history of Ashton House. Music forms a core part of our curriculum and all children are encouraged and taught to play musical instruments and to sing, either individually or as part of our choir. Each class has two weekly music lessons with an appropriately qualified specialist teacher.

We actively encourage children to widen their musical experience and capabilities by providing music tuition both within and outside school hours. When appropriate, we encourage the children to take graded music examinations. Instruments covered by the teaching programme include flute, guitar, keyboard, percussion, piano, recorder and violin. Singing lessons are also offered.

We encourage collective participation in music through the activities of our vibrant choir and music group. This helps all the children to experience the satisfaction which can be derived from being part of a team. A Musical Concert is held every year and the whole school collaborates in Christmas and Summer Productions, to which all parents are invited.

Drama is taught by a specialist teacher at Ashton House, covering everything from public speaking to full, scripted productions. Our popular after-school club programme provides the opportunity to take graded LAMDA examinations in the summer term. Art and Art Appreciation are studied, and a variety of educational visits is offered, including excursions to galleries and museums. The children also have regular opportunities to produce and display their own work.