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The personal character attributes of perseverance, social interaction,  curiosity, willingness to take risks, leadership and independence are  nurtured in every    pupil. Most importantly, we want the students to  cultivate a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. Our goal is to provide the best possible teaching and    learning opportunities for every child to ensure that their outcomes are as good as they can be when they transition to their senior schools and beyond. Not    only  do Ashton House pupils develop an incredible self-awareness, helping them to remain mentally and physically healthy, but they also become the best learners that they can be.

The Pre Senior Bac supports Ashton House Preparatory School in providing all pupils with the best chance to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in adolescence and later in life, whilst supporting our teaching team in sharing best practice with other child-centred Prep Schools. This enables Ashton House to be at the forefront of educational provision whilst maintaining our unique characteristics. We are a genuinely independent prep school, not part of a large group, and are thus able to provide individualised and “Excellent” Academic Achievement and Personal Development, for every child, as reported by The Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Our youngest pupils work towards the statutory Early Learning Goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage throughout the year, with a particular focus on Reading, Writing and Maths.

In Years 1 and 2 the children are taught following the main principles of the National Curriculum extending beyond the Key Stage 1 Curriculum Framework. Particular attention is given to numeracy and all aspects of literacy – phonics, reading, grammar, handwriting and comprehension. Essential oral, listening and questioning skills are also developed. These are fostered across the whole curriculum. We have expert specialist teachers who teach the children in Lower School for Music, French, Drama and PE/Games. The timetable also includes Science, History, Geography, as well as more interactive subjects such as Computing, Art and Design. In Year 2, Verbal & Non-Verbal reasoning skills are introduced.

In the Upper School pupils study the same subjects in greater depth and Philosophy is introduced into the curriculum. Economics is added to the Year 5 curriculum and Latin is added to the Year 6. Our curriculum is geared to achieving success at 11+ when the children are in Year 6 but it remains robust, vibrant and equally balanced between all subjects.

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Pre Prep (ages 3-5)
and Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)


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