Special Educational Needs

Every child is different and unique in their needs. At Ashton House School we want every child to benefit fully from the education we have on offer. We therefore offer support as follows:

Gifted and Talented

We recognise that some pupils are exceptionally quick to learn and respond very positively to new and different educational challenges. Our full-time specialist Enrichment teacher works with children across the school from Reception to Year 6, offering a programme of extension activities in numeracy and literacy. Children are assessed regularly and parents advised accordingly.

Learning Support

If it is felt, following assessment and observation by the class teacher and in consultation with parents, that a child would benefit from extra support in the key areas of numeracy or literacy, one to one or small group learning is arranged with teaching staff or external professionals. Individual education plans are drawn up and parents are kept fully informed of progress. Staff receive regular training in special educational needs and external professional advice is used if appropriate.


Pre Prep (ages 3-5)
and Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)


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