Thank you for always been so supportive and such an amazing teacher.

Parent of Year 4 pupil - Current parents

We are very proud of our son’s achievement. He couldn’t have done it without the great support, teaching and pastoral care from all the fantastic staff of Ashton House. We are most indebted and would like to say a big thanks you to all the staff in the school. The kindness and love that the staff at Ashton House, both past and present, with which they have so generously showered him during his formative years have played a significant part in shaping him to be the brilliant young man he has become.

Parent of Year 6 pupil - Current parents

Our son is getting on really well at Langley Grammar and loving every day.

It is thanks to all of you at Ashton House that he had the confidence to go to secondary school with such a positive attitude and make such an excellent start.

Parent of Year 6 pupil - Past parents

Fabulous school which supports the children to build character, inspire to dream and encourages creativity!

Parent of Year 4 pupil - Current parents

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