InCAS has a modular design so that a school can choose which parts of the assessment are appropriate for its circumstances. Each module is adaptive and pupils will see items appropriate for their age and ability. Within each module the assessment is broken down further. The whole school results are presented in a graph format with the performance of each year group represented as a box and whisker against a line representing the national expectation.  Below are our results for Autumn 2017.


 • Word Recognition: The pupil hears a high or medium frequency word, which includes a sentence to put it in context. They must then select the target word from a choice of five words on screen

 • Word Decoding: The pupil hears a nonsense or unfamiliar word. They must then select the target word from a choice of five words on screen.

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The pupil reads through a passage and, when given a choice of three words, must select the word that fits into the sentence most appropriately.

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 • The pupil hears a word, which includes a sentence to put it in context. They then use the onscreen keyboard to select the correct letters for the target word.

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General Maths

• Number 1: This covers counting, informal arithmetic, partitioning and place value, fractions and decimals. The questions are non-curriculum based.

 • Number 2: This covers sorting, patterns, formal arithmetic, problem solving and algebra. The questions are non-curriculum based.

• Measures, Shape and Space.

• Data Handling.

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Mental Arithmetic

• Assesses the pupil’s ability to process numerical operations quickly and accurately.

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International Benchmarking Tests (IBT)

Each year pupils take part in the International Benchmarking Tests (IBT) in English and Maths administered by ACER the Australian Council for Educational Research.

Each year ACER’s psychometrics team create a benchmark IBT international sample which helps students and schools understand how their individual performance compares to other schools participating in the IBT Program. IBT provides a detailed evaluation of our students’ performance at the international level; the reference sample is based on testing in almost 600 schools in 11 countries.

The schools participating are from Asia, Middle East, Africa and North America. Additionally there is a comparison with one other country, in this case Australia. As fewer than fifteen schools in the UK take part there can be no comparison nationally.

As you will see our scores put Ashton House School above the Australian results and well above the international average - click here to view Spring 2018 results.

Mrs Angela Stewart - Head Teacher