At Ashton House School we are committed to promoting sustainable transport. We work with our partners to educate our children and families about their journey to school. We actively promote walking, scootering, cycling and public transport as alternatives to the car.


  • TFL Transition Pack: Upgrade Journey into Year 7.
  • This resource is aimed at helping children to make a happy, safe and sustainable transition from Year 6 to Year 7.
  • The pack contains information and advice for parents, teachers and pupils and includes a set of lesson plans for use in the summer term of Year 6 and secondary lesson plans to use in the first term of Year 7.
  • Year 1 carry out a geography and traffic survey of the local area.
  • Year 3 do a project on, ‘Where do I come from?’ / View from my window.
  • Across the curriculum e.g. learning about the environment and how to cut down on pollution, learning about our health and physical exercise.

WoW – Walk once a Week

The aim of WoW is to get children and parents to walk to school at least once a week throughout the year. It’s an ideal way to introduce ‘active’ travel to pupils and promote regular physical exercise.
We take part in Walk to school week and have a visit form Debra the Zebra.
We have pedestrian skills training for all children once a year.

We have Cycling Proficiency Training, Level 1 which is completed in Year 5 and Level 2
which is completed in Year 6.

We also have children who scoot to school regularly.

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)

The JRSOs help to promote road safety in school. They run competitions on road safety and
deliver road safety lessons to all classes.

The JRSOs from Years 5 and 6 mapped out a walking route / zone to school. They presented their findings in assembly.