Ashton House School is pleased to announce the introduction of a Bursary scheme for Year 2 pupils upwards to assist students to attend this school from families that may not otherwise be able to afford the full fees.

We are committed to enrolling students who we believe will flourish at Ashton House regardless of their financial means and so welcome applications from boys or girls whose parents cannot afford the fees in full or in part.

Bursaries are means-tested and the value is related to an applicant’s circumstances.


Applications for a Bursary must be made in a letter, email or phone call to the School Officer. 

The forms are a confidential means testing application and will need to be completed for each applicant.

The value of the Bursary (percentage of fees remitted) is assessed before an offer of a place is made and are reviewed annually.

The School also offers a small number of Free Places, in consultation with the Principal, remitting 100% of fees but not School-related expenditure such as uniforms, cost of school journeys, school meals and use of the school bus to come to or go home from school.


Because Ashton House does not enroll students on the basis of academic performance alone (we are a non-selective school), applicants will not have to sit an entrance exam. The award of a Bursary is subject to satisfactory performance in the interview process, a review of past school reports, and a referee’s report from the applicant’s current school.

If the demand for Bursaries exceeds the number available, Bursaries will be awarded with reference to the content of the referee’s report.

The continued tenure of a Bursary is subject to satisfactory effort and performance at school as well as good conduct and adherence to the School’s Terms and Conditions.

Bursaries or fee discounts may be awarded at any time during a student’s time at the School in cases of unforeseen hardship or temporary difficulty, to ensure continuity of education in deserving cases.

As parents’ circumstances are different, criteria for qualifying for a Bursary are not disclosed and are confidential to the School. All aspects of a parent’s income are taken into account including salary(ies), assets, including property, other income, siblings and other relevant factors.

The Principal or Head Teacher are available to advise parents considering applying for a Bursary in advance of the application being made.

If you wish to register your child for Ashton House School and apply for a bursary please contact the School Officer for a form which then be posted to you.

In addition to the Application Form, parents are requested to write a short letter explaining that you wish your child to be considered for a subsidised place.

If you have further questions on this matter please do not hesitate to contact the School Officer 020 8560 3902 or email


Click here for Bursary Conditions of Award