While we concentrate on developing and informing the minds of the children at Ashton House, we do not overlook their physical welfare either. Using modern, well-equipped on-site and local community facilities, the children can participate, with the help of professional coaches, in a variety of regular sporting activities, including Athletics, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Netball, Rounders and Swimming. Most of our classes engage in three separate physical activities each week.

Participation in sports helps develop the ethos of teamwork in young children. There is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Children need different kinds of activity at different stages of their physical development; we therefore structure our programme with that in mind.

In our Nursery and Reception classes, we work towards developing the children’s strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. This is achieved with regular Physical Education sessions in the school hall, weekly sessions with a dance specialist and regular daily access to our extensive, secure outdoor space.

During Years 1 and 2, we gradually introduce the children to sporting skills during their weekly PE lesson with a qualified PE Teacher. The children also have a sports afternoon with a specialist skills coach in the school grounds.

Junior boys and girls play Football and Rugby as well as Netball in the autumn and spring terms. Those who represent the school also take part in training sessions with a specialist coach after school. During the summer term, Athletics, Cricket, and Rounders are played. There are regular opportunities to attend tournaments and play matches against other schools in the West London area.

All Junior children are taken swimming on a weekly basis throughout the year to Isleworth Recreation Centre, where they are taught by qualified swimming instructors supported by school staff.

Parents can see their children’s progress for themselves at our well-attended annual Swimming Galas and Sports Days, which are always exciting family events.